Isle of Skye Fishing Guide

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Salmon & Sea Trout

The beautiful salmon is the King of freshwater fish. It's an elusive fish that every angler hopes to one day catch and is renowned for it's long powerful runs and acrobatic leaps. You'll have to work hard and be patient to to catch the ultimate prize but it will be worth it as you will never forget the triumphant feeling you have after catching your first salmon.
The best spate river on Skye for salmon is the River Snizort. 

Some eight miles of the River Snizort controlled by Skeabost Hotel who make day tickets available to visiting anglers and the 12 beats offer anglers varied fishing. The Portree Angling Association can provide permits for Salmon and Sea Trout fishing for the upper stretch of the River Snizort, on the Glenmore beat. The majority of the Snizort's beats are easily accessible, for some a bit more effort is needed to reach them. That extra effort could be worth it though, as you could add the achivement of catching a salmon to one of your holiday highlights. 

In 2005 a salmon re-stocking programme began on the Snizort and has resulted in higher and improved catch rates. Weights have been recorded ranging from 3lb to 30lb+, with 6-7lb being the average. Please note a catch & release policy operates and no Sunday fishing.

An excellent river for beginner and experienced anglers alike and a great place to catch your first salmon. Other rivers that can be fished on are Hinnisdal, Varrigal, Kilmartin, Brittle and Sligachan.

Salmon Best Runs - End of June to 15th October

   Salmon Catch    

Sea Trout
Like the Salmon, the Sea Trout is another highly prized migratory fish. Pound for pound these are the hardest fighting fish and the most acrobatic. They are often encountered whilst fishing for salmon but can be targeted for exciting and rewarding fishing on lighter tackle. Sea Trout tend to average around the pound mark on Skye's rivers but fish up to 4lb are not uncommon.

Sea Trout Best Runs - End of May to End of September



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 Skinny Sea Trout Tubes




Suggested Tackle
10-11ft single 7-8wt rod will cover most conditions
10-11ft single 8-9wt rod is useful for high water conditions and sink tips with heavier flies
12-14ft double for spey casting can be useful after big spates on certain beats with tube flies etc. At the end of the season in windy conditions using sinking lines /sink tips would be recommended.
Floating lines to match rods with sink tip leaders to match conditions and intermediate and sinking lines in certain conditions.
Polyleader 5-10ft  and different densitys from slow sink to superfast sink.
Waders are useful, although deep wading not necessary, can just be handy for crossing.

Don't panic if you don't h
ave all or any of the above tackle or flies.
Skyeflyguy can supply the necessary fishing accessories to suit the conditions.

Salmon & Sea Trout Season - 11th February to 14th October 

Recommended Flies
Salmon - Cascades, Snizort Squirrel, Ally's Red Shrimp, Willie Gun, Junction Shrimp & Stoats Tail
Sea Trout Flies - Snizort Squirrel, Sparkle Pennel, Teal Blues, Blue Zulu, Skinny Tubes & Trout Flies 
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