Isle of Skye Fishing Guide

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Flies Available To Purchase

Six Of The Best!
These 6 patterns make up the mjority of my Salmon and Sea Trout Fly Box. Flies are available in different sizes, bottle tubes or coneheads. These cover almost every type of water conditions that I'm likely to encounter during the season on Skye's rivers.

Alistair Gowan's popular longtail shrimp. Probably the best modern salmon fly for any river - a must have for your fly box.

VMC low water double Size 8 & 10  £2.00 each
Salar Gold / Silver Double with nylon anti-wrap tail loop & JC Size 9 & 11  £3.10 each
Medium Conehead with JC and supplied with partridge BM double  £3.00 each

Snizort Squirrels Selection

My own stoats tail variant. This fly has caught salmon in almost impossibly low water conditions and figures highly in the River Snizort catch returns. Sea Trout like it too!

VMC low water double Size 12  £2.00 each
Salar Silver Snizort Squirrel  with JC Size 13  £3.00 each
Salar Gold Snizort Squirrel with JC Size 13  £3.00 each 

Willie Gun Conehead

Ever reliable and popular old pattern with many variants - Traditional, Gold Body, Flouro Tags and Flash. Just let me know your preference.

Brass Bottle Tubes 15 & 20mm JC supplied with partridge BM double  £3.10
Medium Conehead JC supplied with partridge BM double  £3.00

 Allys Red Shrimp

Another great shrimp pattern from Mr Gowans.

VMC Size 10 & 12  £2.00 each
Salar Gold double with nylon anti-wrap tail loop JC Size 13  £3.10

 Junction Shrimp Conehead JUNCTION SHRIMP
From the famous River Tweed beat. During the morning of one season, a client caught his first ever salmon, (quickly followed by another) on this fly whilst fishing on the Snizort.

Medium Conehead with JC supplied with a partridge BM double  £3.00 each

 Skinny Sea Trout Tubes

My favourite for Sea Trout, however, during one summer I caught a few fresh grilse with them on the Snizort.

Black & Silver, Black Red & Silver or Black Blue & Silver supplied with a small double/treble £2.90 each


Fly Box


A perfect gift for any angler as a birthday, anniversary or christmas present.

A selection of 12 handtied Salmon and Sea Trout Flies beautifully arranged in a high quality wooden fly box.  Specific fly requests can be accommodated.

Standard to Deluxe range available. Price ranges from £30 to £55.

 All fly purchases can be posted worldwide and postage costs will be given at point of order.

All my flies are handtied using the highest quality materials and are competively priced. Cheaper flies are available on the market, however, you sometimes have to pay a bit more for quality.
Feel free to take your own patterns with you when you fish with me.
Please contact me for any advice on flies or if you have any preferences.

Flies are the least expensive component of catching that elusive prized bar of silver but they are by far the most important.

Tight Lines!