Isle of Skye Fishing Guide

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Fly Tying

Tying Salmon & Trout Flies
The history of fly tying can be traced back thousands of years to the Ancient Greeks and has evolved over the years from very basic patterns and design to more intricate and detailed patterns used today.

Using good quality flies is just as important as using the right tackle. Garry's skillfully tied handmade flies will give you the confidence and best possible chance of getting it right for the conditions and time of year on Skye's rivers and lochs and therefore, enhancing your fishing experience.

Garry's love of fly tying started 12 years ago and he's been tying flies ever since. The combination of his skill and use of high quality materials means he creates a superior fly and has developed his own range of Salmon and Sea Trout flies. These have proven successful on Skye's rivers and lochs, all of which are available for sale from the Flies Page. Whether you are coming to Skye on holiday to fish with Skyeflyguy or not, your flies will be ready for you upon your arrival. But don't worry if you're not visting our beautiful isle, as flies travel well and can be posted direct to your door. Garry's salmon and trout flies have caught many fish in Scotland's rivers, as well as river's in England, Wales, Ireland, Norway and very recently, Australia.

Although they are created and designed to be used, they also make a wonderful gift for someone to admire and display. 

A selection of assorted flies can be provided and presented in a wooden fly box. These make a lovely birthday, christmas or anniversary present. Prices for flies vary and are dependant on the materials and hooks used. Please contact Garry directly to discuss your requirements.

Fly Tying Tuition & Demonstrations

Fly tying is a skill but a skill that anyone could learn. All you need is patience, the right tools and materials, practice and instruction (that's where Garry comes in!).

Garry's Fly Tying Tuition is suitable for complete novices who want to develop a new skill or for those who already tie flies but want to develop and learn further techniques. Whether you just want a one off lesson or a block of sessions, he can accommodate your needs and provide the necessary tools, materials and techniques. Tuition can be carried out at your home, self catering or bed and breakfast accommodation or at his home. If you're struggling to think of a birthday or anniversary gift for the angler in your life, then why not arrange a fly tying lesson as an alternative gift. 

It is a wonderful feeling when you catch a fish and an even better feeling when it is caught on a fly you've tied.

Fly Tying Demonstrations can also be arranged and tailored to your requirements. These sessions are always more effective for small numbers to ensure all those in attendance can observe fully and even try their hand at making a fly.

For more details about Fly Tying Tuition and Demonstrations, please contact Garry at Skyeflyguy.

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